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Wednesdays: 7:00pm
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Sundays: 10:30am

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4227 State Route 707
Rockford, Ohio 45882
Phone: 419-363-2633

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From the time St Teresa Catholic Church was established in 1937, to the move in 2009, the history of St Teresa is extensive.


St. Teresa Parish Rockford, Ohio
St. Teresa Parish Rockford, Ohio1 day ago
Join us for Rockford Community Vacation Bible School! Such a wonderful few days to bring the children in our community together!
St. Teresa Parish Rockford, Ohio
St. Teresa Parish Rockford, Ohio4 weeks ago
*Reminder* First Holy Communion is this Saturday, April 28th @ 5 pm Mass. Many pews will be reserved for our students and their families and guests. Please say a prayer for them as they prepare for this joyous occasion!
St. Teresa Parish Rockford, Ohio
St. Teresa Parish Rockford, Ohio updated their profile picture.4 weeks ago
St. Teresa Parish Rockford, Ohio
St. Teresa Parish Rockford, Ohio1 month ago
Awaken Our Hearts Parish Mission - April 21-25, 2018 - Awaken Our Hearts”

Parish Family Concert
Sunday, April 22nd 7:00 PM, IC Church

Mission Day One "Coming into the Presence of God"
Monday, April 23rd 7:00 PM, IC Church

Mission Day Two "Resting in the Presence of God through Forgiveness, Healing and Peace"
Tuesday, April 24th 7:00 PM, IC Church

Mission Day Three "The Presence of God Alive Within Us from Table to World"
Wednesday April 25th 7:00 PM, IC Church


St Teresa Catholic Church
4227 State Route 707 Box 445
Rockford, Ohio  45882-0445

Church Office (419) 363-2633
Residence (419) 586-6648       

Rev Ken Schnipke, C.PP.S., Pastor
Rev Vince Wirtner, C.PP.S., Parochial Vicar

Parish News:

Understanding the Bible

You Can Understand the Bible!

If you want a better understanding of our faith, and a deeper relationship with God, then you should join us for The Bible Timeline Study, beginning February 21st. By being a part of this study, you will not only benefit personally, but you will also help to bring about a profound renewal in our parish as we all grow closer to Christ.

The Bible Timeline is a Catholic Bible study that can help anyone to make sense of the Bible and experience the life-changing power of God’s Word. The study takes you on a journey through the entire Bible and brings you deep into each period of salvation history, so that you can discover the amazing story woven throughout all of Scripture. The Bible Timeline has helped hundreds of thousands of people to have a better understand the Bible and a deeper relationship with Christ, and it will help you too.

The study will include a series of twenty-four videos presented by Jeff Cavins. Each video will be preceded by a lively group discussion. Everyone who participates will receive a color-coded Bible Timeline Chart, as well as a The Bible Timeline Study Kit.

St Teresa will begin The Bible Timeline on Wednesday, February 21st after stations and mass. For more information or to register for the study visit the registration table after Mass or contact Melissa Fent at 419-305-7056 or

Advent Season Scripture Study

Advent Season Scripture Study—Join us on a spiritual walk through the Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary. Each Wednesday from Nov. 20 through Dec. 14, we will read, explore, and personalize scripture passages to renew our experience with the first five mysteries of the rosary. We will use the book from the Threshold Bible Study series Mysteries of the Rosary by Stephen Binz as our guide. Each session will start after Wednesday evening Mass and last until 9:00. To sign up for these group discussions there is a signup sheet in the lobby of the Church or for more information, contact Melissa Fent 419-305-7056. Through prayer, study, and discussion, we can make this season more meaningful and prepare ourselves better for the coming of our Savior on Christmas Day. Also, there are plans to continue our study and meditation in the Spring with the other mysteries of the rosary.



4227 St Route 707  /Box 445

Rockford, Ohio 45882-0445


Office:  (419) 363-2633

Residence:  (419) 586-6648



M, T, TH 9-11am;

Wed 9-5pm; Fri 9-1