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From the time St Teresa Catholic Church was established in 1937, to the move in 2009, the history of St Teresa is extensive.


St. Teresa Parish Rockford, Ohio
St. Teresa Parish Rockford, Ohio
This Wednesday, June 29th, 7 PM Mass will be our last one until further notice.
St. Teresa Parish Rockford, Ohio
St. Teresa Parish Rockford, Ohio
St. Teresa Parish Rockford, Ohio
Following Christ & Saying Farewell

A theme connecting our readings and celebration today is vocation and commitment. We gather this weekend recognizing and reverencing the many Missionaries of the Precious Blood who have served each of the Celina Cluster parishes since the very beginning; IC since 1864, Our Lady of Guadalupe since 1904 and St. Teresa since 1937 and returning the pastoral care of the Celina Cluster back to the Archdiocese of Cincinnati. It has been a commitment of great love and service by many Precious Blood priests, brothers and sisters over these many years and so we gather to give thanks and praise to God for all the blessings shared and received.

The word vocation comes from a Latin word vocare which literally means to call. We believe that each person is called by God to be someone and to somehow make a difference in the world. Commitment also comes from a Latin word committere which literally means to give over. If you have made a commitment to marriage you give yourself over to your spouse. Or if a religious priest, brother or sister, we give our lives over to the Church, to the people of God. If we make a commitment to Christ, we give ourselves over to Christ.

In the first reading (Kgs 19:16,19-21), Elisha is out working in the field doing his regular chores when the great prophet Elijah passes by and places a cloak upon his shoulders. The cloak represents authority and responsibility entrusted to a prophet and Elisha knows that his life work has just been defined. For most people the call of God and our purpose in life is not found in extraordinary ways like being struck by lighting nor hearing a voice from heaven, but rather in the midst of ordinary life. God calls us through everyday events and experiences, family, friends and others who are part of our lives. God speaks to us while life is happening. Before saying yes to following Elijah, Elisha asks to say good bye to his parents. While visiting family he slaughters his oxen, boils their flesh over a fire made from his own plowing equipment and then gives it to the people to eat. This action of slaughtering the oxen and using his equipment for the fire was a demonstration of his total commitment and trust in the Lord. He was letting go of worldly possessions and resources from his former life and responsibilities, so that he could totally and freely give himself over the Lord.

In the gospel (Lk 9:51-62), the cost of being a committed follower of Christ is made radically clear. Three would be disciples of Jesus are presented and each fail to understand the total commitment discipleship entails. The first offers “I will be your follower wherever you go.” But this person has yet to learn that following Jesus did not simply mean traveling the road behind but giving one’s life over to Christ and experiencing life as Christ did. To a second would be follower, Jesus says, “Come after me.” He requests to first bury his father which is seemingly met with a harsh response from Jesus: “let the dead bury the dead.” Further research on the passage indicates that the father of the would be disciple may not have been dead, rather he may have thought “let me wait until my parents are gone and then I will be free to say yes.” How frequently in our own lives is the call to follow inconvenient and we excuse ourselves as not ready, too weary or too overextended. In the interchange with the third would be disciple, the importance of focus and single-heartedness is emphasized. Those who glance away from the plow will make crooked rows. Following Christ calls for commitment and resoluteness as Jesus turned toward Jerusalem, a determination to give ourselves over to Christ no matter the cost nor sacrifice.

As I think of my twelve years as pastor, praise and thanksgiving to God seems most fitting. For in the words of St. Francis, it is in giving that we receive. I, and my fellow Missionaries of the Precious Blood, have sought to pour out our very lives in loving service, following the example of Christ who poured out his Precious Blood for the salvation of the world. While there have been struggles, challenges and hardship in each of our lives, I would dare to say for me and all the Missionaries, that the blessings, joy and gratitude far outweigh any hardship or struggles

Personally, I am most grateful for the sacred trust you have placed in me as priest, pastor and shepherd. I am very aware that I and my fellow missionaries are often called upon in the most profound, powerful and prominent times of life as well as the most tender, trying and traumatic. We are often invited into the lives of people when they are most joyful and hopeful and as well, when they are most vulnerable, broken, hurting, afraid, confused, lost or angry. It is a sacred trust to walk with parents and children at birth and Baptism, celebrating First Communion and Confirmation, helping to not only educate the mind and body, but also the heart and soul, living and witnessing faith in all that we do. I will always treasure the simple wisdom and witness of the children during homilies with the IC School Masses, our religious education programs and our sacraments of Reconciliation, Eucharist and Confirmation. It is a sacred trust walking with young people discerning their call in life, couples preparing for the sacrament of marriage and helping young people find healing, hope and peace when there is brokenness, darkness and conflict. It is a sacred trust to walk with those who have been hurt, forgotten or taken advantage of, as well as those who have caused hurt, brokenness or sin in their own lives and the lives of others. I often say that one of the most humbling things I do as a priest is to hear confessions, and in the name of the Church, offer the forgiveness of God. It is a sacred trust to walk with people in the journey of life, when there is suffering, sickness or surgery, a new diagnosis, long term illness or end of life care, offering the Anointing of the sick, words of comfort, healing and hope. And it is a sacred trust walking with people and families at the end of life, being present in the dying process, offering last rites, celebrating funerals, offering compassion and consolation, hope and healing in the grieving process. While there is much to celebrate in parish ministry and life, it is often the funerals that remain close to the heart.

I am also grateful for all that we have done and continue to do together, gathering for worship and prayer, building and sharing the kingdom of God by our lives and witness, being good stewards of all that God has blessed us with by sharing our time, talents and treasure, reaching out to the less fortunate as close as CALL café and as far as Guatemala and Ukraine and building, maintaining and updating our facilities so they can continue to be places of worship and service, hospitality and warmth for generations to come.

As I and our Precious Blood Community take leave of IC, Our Lady of Guadalupe and St. Teresa, be assured that each of you will always be in our hearts and in our prayers. We ask that you remember and pray for us as well. My life and ministry has been enriched by my time with you. I pray that I have enriched yours as well.

May the Lord guide and strengthen each of us in following him and saying farewell.
Blessings and prayers, Fr. Ken

Parish News:

FAMILY FUN NIGHT”  Dinner and DJ   Saturday, March 12, 2022   Dinner Catered by Rockford Carry Out, Serving from 5:30pm-7:00pm at the Rockford Community Building.  Meal tickets are PRE SALE ONLY  $11.00/Meal, 5and under free. Contact the parish office for tickets 419-363-2633; or Janel Hamrick 419-852-7954, Kristi Schaefer 419-790-1662, Trisha Berry 419-733-3814, Marilyn Gruss 419-305-3039, Nancy Schmidt 419-305-1144, Kandi Baucher 419-852-6241.KICK OFF TO MONTHLY MONEY MADNESS DRAWING, Many great prizes to win for adults and children, Games of Chance throughout the evening OPEN TO THE PUBLIC Sponsored by St Teresa Parish!


The annual Chili Supper will be Friday, Nov. 12, 2021 from 4:30-7:00pm at the Rockford Community Building.  Please invite your friends and family. You can dine in or drive thru, it is free will donation.

There is also a Raffle Drawing held during the Chili Supper that benefit the CCD program. Proceeds help cover the cost of the Confirmation retreat to Bergamo in Dayton. There are tickets available in the lobby. All tickets must be turned in by Friday, Nov 12th by 6:00pm at the Chili Supper.


St Teresa Family Fun Night 2021 is a meal only this year. Presale tickets for a meal of Boneless breaded chicken OR boneless pork chop with gravy, cheesy potatoes, green beans, roll with butter and a cupcake for $8.00/meal. Deadline to Purchase tickets in March 1, 2021. You can pick up your meal at Rockford Carry Out on Sunday, March 14, 2021 from 11:00am-1pm. Tickets are needed for each meal. Tickets can be purchased from Kristi Schaefer, Trisha Berry, Cheryl Nichols, Mary Beougher, Kandi Baucher or contact the parish office at 419-363-2633.

St Teresa will have an Online Basket Auction March 15-19th on St Teresa Facebook page We will be supporting Rockford small businesses by Auctioning Gift Certificates from local businesses. Help support Rockford businesses as well as supporting St Teresa Parish!

We also have our annual Monthly Money Madness tickets for sale.

  • You have a chance to win up to $200 each month for a whole year (Mar-Feb)
  • We draw for 4 prizes each month ($100, $50, $25, $25), all tickets are in for each of the 4 prizes.
  • Drawing is held the 2nd Sunday of each month.
  • Need not be present to win.
  • Tickets are $50.00 each.
  • Tickets available by contacting Ray or Lynn Moeller at 419-586-7312 or the parish office.


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