Lenten Adult Bible Study beginning Wednesday, March 13th and the Wednesdays to follow for 6 weeks. Contact Melissa Fent 419-305-7056 if you would like to participate. Workbooks are needed, deadline is Feb 28th.
No Greater Love: A Biblical Walk through Christ’s Passion, presented by Dr. Edward Sri.
The new program will include a 5-part video series, 30 minutes per session. It also features a “bonus” sixth segment on Christ’s Resurrection, a Workbook for both individual and group study, and the most anticipated book of the same title.
No Greater Love, a new upcoming study program from Ascension on Jesus’ passion, helps Catholics learn and understand Jesus’ final 18 hours on Earth before His death on the cross. In the videos and workbook Catholics will discover…
Allusions to Old Testament stories in Christ’s passion Fulfillment of prophecies in Christ’s passion Symbolism in the accounts of Christ’s passion Mary’s role in the passion The significance of the tearing of the Temple veil Differences in the Gospel accounts of the passion The last words of Jesus / The Seven Last Words Analysis of the behavior of Peter, John, and Judas
The historical accuracy of the Passion accounts