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From the time St Teresa Catholic Church was established in 1937, to the move in 2009, the history of St Teresa is extensive.


St. Teresa Parish Rockford, Ohio
St. Teresa Parish Rockford, Ohio
Reminders for all CCD Students:
This week is Thanksgiving Break there will be no CCD classes this Sunday, November 29.

Here is the order form for our Youth Group T-Shirt Fundraiser. You can print the form from here and please have all orders in by December 6th! Please help support our youth and their desire to give back to the community charities!
St. Teresa Parish Rockford, Ohio
St. Teresa Parish Rockford, Ohio
The First Sunday of Advent: Wait for the Lord

Dear Celina Cluster Parishioners,
We begin the Advent season this weekend recognizing that waiting is not always easy. In the first reading, the people of Israel have recently returned from years of exile in Babylon, but the hope and enthusiasm of returning home is wearing off and they are giving way to despair. They have forgotten God’s great actions. So, the prophet Isaiah leads the people in a lament begging that the Lord return and remember his past deeds among the people. He reminds the Lord that we are the clay and he is the potter who takes time to fashion and mold us. It is when we are able to wait for the Lord that we can resonate with the words of Isaiah, “no ear has heard, nor eye has seen, the great things God does for those who wait for him.”

In the second reading St. Paul is giving thanks for the good people of Corinth, and reminds them how their lives have been enriched by the Lord in every way, with discourse and knowledge, so that they are not lacking in any way as they wait for the revelation of the Lord. The Corinthians lived in an affluent society and had everything they needed, and yet Paul reminds them they didn’t have it all, they needed to wait for the Lord. Like the Corinthians, we too live in an affluent society and it’s easy for us to also take for granted all that we have and perhaps to assume that we have all that we need. And yet St. Paul hearkens to us, we don’t have it all, wait for the Lord.

The gospel is also about waiting, but here more dramatically for the second coming of Christ. Jesus tells his disciples to be watchful and alert, for they will not know the day nor the hour of the Lord’s return. And then he tells a parable about a man traveling abroad, placing his servants in charge and telling the gatekeeper to be on the watch. Since the day of the Lord is unknown they need to be extra vigilant. The focus of the reading is what to do while waiting for the return of Christ – for the disciples, the Corinthians and us. How are we called to wait for the Lord? Jesus describes it as waiting wisely and watching vigilantly. The kind of waiting Jesus is talking about is not an annoyance at a delay, nor boredom. It’s purposeful waiting; it’s sitting on the edge of our seat waiting for good things to come. The watching he describes demands a certain quality of attention, a vigilance like the gatekeeper awaiting the master’s return. We need to be attentive, vigilant to the Lord already present among us, but also vigilant about his coming again. This demands a focus on faith not merely at Sunday mass, but every day and moment of our lives.

The season of Advent is about waiting for the coming of the Lord. Let us pray for the patience we need in life to wait for the Lord, to be present to the Lord at all times and also to the promise of the Lord coming again. Then we too can echo the words of Isaiah proclaiming the great things God has done for us.

We look forward to celebrating Mass in person with many of you this weekend, but also pray for those staying home and viewing live-streamed Masses. Please note that all three IC Masses, 5 PM Saturday, 8 AM and 11 AM Sunday will be broadcast live and available after by clicking on and then the “Live Stream” on the top right corner of the IC webpage and follow prompts to the Mass. You can also find Mass on FB at In our opening song we sing, “To a wandering people who’ve lost their way, Come, Emmanuel!” At offertory we ask the Lord to “Come, Light of the world, light up our lives.” In our communion song, we look to “Jesus, Hope of the World.” And we go forth singing “People Look East and sing today; Love the guest is on the way.”

A few other notes –
Each of our Cluster parishes are participating in Giving Tuesday, December 1, 2020 at #GIVECatholicAOC. This online day of giving will help each of our parishes, particularly IC and St. Teresa to offset COVID-19 donation losses and additional expenditures. Your generosity is appreciated! Please note that 100% of your gift (minus processing fees) will go directly to our parishes or IC school for online donations made on Giving Tuesday through the GIVECatholicAOC website. To learn more and make your donation please visit and search by organization names: Immaculate Conception Parish (Celina) or Immaculate Conception School (Celina); Our Lady of Guadalupe Church (Montezuma); St. Teresa Catholic Church (Rockford)

May this Advent season be our wait for the Lord.
Blessings and prayers, Fr. Ken & Fr. Tim
St. Teresa Parish Rockford, Ohio
St. Teresa Parish Rockford, Ohio
St Teresa Youth Group will be running a t-shirt fundraiser for charity. All orders must be in by December 6th to be delivered before Christmas. Please consider supporting our church community during your Christmas shopping!
St. Teresa Parish Rockford, Ohio
St. Teresa Parish Rockford, Ohio
Give thanks - even/especially in a time of pandemic
Dear Celina Cluster Parishioners,
It’s probably not going to be the usual Thanksgiving for many of us. There may be a few less people around our Thanksgiving table this year, perhaps sitting further apart, maybe even a mask to protect a loved one. There may be a few less miles traveled and perhaps a few less visits on both sides of the family. And yet, one thing that remains the same is our need to give thanks, even/especially in a time of pandemic.

The gospel for our Thanksgiving Masses is the story of Mary visiting Elizabeth and the great joy of the two expecting mothers and all creation (Luke 1:39-55). Even the infant in the womb leaped for joy. Yet, we also remember the struggles, questions, doubts and hardship that Mary experienced. The passage just before tells us that when the angel Gabriel came to her with his message, Mary was “deeply troubled by his words and wondered what they meant.” The angel then told her “do not be afraid” which probably made Mary wonder further what she had to fear. And Mary questioned how this could be happening to her. And yet, in the midst of confusion and doubts, many unknowns and worries, questions and fears, Mary says, “My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord, for the almighty has done great things for me.” In the midst of struggles and hardship, Mary was able to proclaim the goodness of God, to thank God for the blessings – even when the blessings may not have seemed that obvious or abundant. May we too give thanks to God – even/especially in a time of pandemic, whatever our Thanksgiving may be.

You are invited to join our cluster Thanksgiving Masses: St. Teresa, Wednesday, November 25th at 7 PM; IC & OLG, Thursday, November 26th at 9 AM. The IC Mass will be broadcast live and available after by clicking on and then the “Live Stream” on the top right corner of the IC webpage and follow prompts to the Mass. You can also find mass on FB at In our opening song we give thanks “For the Beauty of the Earth.” At offertory we sing “For the Fruits of All Creation, Thanks be to God.” In our communion song, we “Make of Our Hands a Throne to hold the bread of heaven.” And we go forth singing “America the Beautiful” giving thanks for all the ways God shed his grace on thee. Lyrics to the songs can be found at the end of this email.

Below is an update on the number of people attending each Mass compared to the approximate number of people who would fit into church with safety and social distancing in mind. We hope this helps those gauging when to return to Masses safely.
St Teresa Masses
Saturday 4:30pm: 35% full
Sunday 10am: 104% full

We remember IC parishioner Laverne Roth who died recently. May he rest in peace.
Let us give thanks to the Lord, for his love endures forever.
Fr. Ken & Fr. Tim

Parish News:

Family Fun Night has turned into an Online Auction for the gift baskets that have been donated by local businesses. Online auction will be open to the public on St Teresa Facebook page, Be sure to invite friends and family to participate. Thank you to those who donated and remember to help support your local business! The auction will be May 4th – 22nd. Be sure to read and follow the guidelines for this event. Thanks for your support and happy bidding!


Dear Celina Cluster Parishioner,

Several parishioners have asked how things are going in the parish, so we thought we would share some highlights and what is happening at each place.

Diane is in the office at St. Teresa most of her regularly scheduled days/hours, but also working some from home and Cheryl comes in for RE matters as needed.

Cassie and Linda are alternating days at OLG Monday through Thursday, but also working some at home.

IC Office Staff (Lindsey & Ann and RE/Youth staff (Joyce, Tiffany & Gary are mostly working remotely from home, but in the office occasionally for critical matters. 

Polly, IC School principal, is in the office many days coordinating school efforts and other school staff come in as needed for materials.  Teachers continue to send educational materials home for children and parents.

Fr. Tim and I are also working from home and the office at the same time since we “live above the store.”  We are mostly staying home, but going out for emergency calls and an occasional order out to support local business. 

Please know that all the Celina Cluster Staff continue to be available to serve you and respond to needs.  You are welcome to contact the parish offices by phone, especially if needing to visit the parish office to make sure someone is available.  Please practice social distancing and good hygiene for the safety of all.  If leaving a voicemail for Lindsey or Ann, please note they may not hear it for a few days.  A sure way to contact any staff member is by email as they check it regularly.  If there are any emergencies, please use the emergency cell phone 419-953-6231 and leave a message if Fr. Tim or I are not able to respond immediately.  We do monitor the emergency phone regularly and will return calls as soon as possible. 

Following the recommendation of the Archdiocese, each cluster parish will continue to pay staff for regular hours whether they are onsite, working from home or unable to work due to the stay at home order.  Like many others, they too rely on income to care for their families. 

At the same time, each parish is experiencing a significant loss of income as the main source of income for any parish is the Sunday collection.  If you are able to continue your weekly offering, that is greatly appreciated as it helps with the regular bills and utilities that we need to keep paying.  If you are struggling financially yourself due to the loss of a job, reduced wages or other financial setbacks, we do understand that your family takes priority.  Offertory envelopes can be dropped off or sent to our respective parish offices or online contributions can be made to each of the parishes at  Fortunately, each parish has also been blest with savings that can be utilized if necessary.  Each parish has projected expenses several months out so that we can be proactive if we need to utilize savings.    

IC Church remains open for private prayer Mon-Fri 9:00 AM to 7 PM, Sat. 7:30 AM to 4 PM, Sunday 7 AM to 7 PM.  OLG is open daily from 7 AM to 7 PM.  St. Teresa will be open Wed. 1 PM to 5 PM, Sunday from 10 AM to 12 PM.  Bulletins are available online and in each church.  As you visit church, please be mindful of good hygiene practices for you and for others, possibly wiping surfaces and objects you touch with disinfecting wipes. 

While updating the PAC sign at IC, I noticed a reflection of the world.  Indeed, the world has become closer and more connected in a most unusual way in this time of crisis.  Let us all “Pray Healing For Our World.”

Blessings and prayers, Fr. Ken & Fr. Tim 

Fr. Ken Schnipke, C.PP.S.

IC, OLG & St. Teresa

229 W. Anthony St.

Celina, OH 45822

(419) 586-6648



St Teresa Church will be open for private prayer Wednesdays 1pm-4pm and Sundays from 10am-12pm.  In addition, St. Teresa Church will be open for individual sacrament of reconciliation and prayer from 6:30 to 7:30 PM on March 25th and April 8th. There are prayers in the pews and missalettes for your reference. You are encouraged to drop off your envelopes at this time. As you visit church, please be mindful of good hygiene practices for you and for others, possibly wiping surfaces and objects you touch with disinfecting wipes. 

             The closed-door 5 PM Saturday Mass at IC broadcast on Live Stream that can be viewed live or any time after.  Click on and then the “Live Stream” on the top right corner of the IC webpage and follow prompts to the Mass. 

The closed-door 8:00 AM Masses Mon-Fri at IC broadcast on Live Stream that can be viewed live or any time after.  



Prayer During an Epidemic
Our Sunday Visitor
Lord Jesus,
Hear our please, our good shepherd and divine physician.
We implore your mercy in the wake of an outbreak of serious illness and disease.
Guide our efforts to prevent contagion and make preparations to care for those most vulnerable.
Assist all professionals and volunteers who work to eradicate the epidemic now spreading.
May our actions be marked by your steadfast love and self-less service and never by panic or fear.
Bestow your comfort and healing to the sick, sustain and strengthen them by your grace.
May they know your closeness as they carry the cross of illness.
And may all you have called from this life come to worship you eternally with all the saints as you grant consolation and peace to their mourners. Amen.
Holy Mary, Health of the Sick, pray for us.
St. Joseph, Hope of the Sick, pray for us.
St. Rocco, protector against epidemics, pray for us.

Family Fun Night has been rescheduled for Saturday, May 9th at the Rockford Community Building. However the meal will still take place this Saturday as a drive thru. This will be the food only, no drinks will be supplied. Please remember to bring your tickets! Please share with friends and family who may have tickets.

Monthly Money Madness Flyer 2020 

St Teresa’s Monthly Money Madness

  • Each month for a whole year you will have a chance to win up to $200.00 each month.  We will draw 4 tickets- 1st one is $100.00 winner, 2nd one is $50.00 and 3rd and 4th ticket is $25.00 each.  All tickets are in for each of the three prizes.
  • Only 100 tickets will be sold.
  • Need not be present to win.
  • Drawing will be held the 2nd Sunday of each month.
  • 1st drawing will be on Saturday March 14th This drawing will take place at St. Teresa’s Family Fun Night.
  • Prize dollars will be doubled on March 14th if you are present at the Family Fun Night. If not present, you will receive the regular amount.
  • Tickets available at the Parish office or contact Ray or Lynn Moeller at 419-586-7312 or

Each ticket is $50.00

Sponsored by St. Teresa’s Parish.  All proceeds benefit the parish.


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